COVID-19 Changes

Cancellations, Postponements, and CDC/WHO Security Procedures Implemented for March and April Events Going Forward as Planned Including Barring Attendees from High-Risk Areas.

Featured Speaker

Kathy Liu, Head In Innovation, HSBC Global Operations, will speak at the AI in Financial Services Conference in London, March 17th. The popular event will Focus on Strategizing AI

Upcoming - Must Do

Nacha's Smarter Faster Payments in Washington, DC, Apr 19-22 will Include Sessions: “Making Sense of the Crypto Chaos”; "Cross-Channel"; "Cybersecurity & Risk"; and “X9 to ISO & Beyond."

Payments Landscape 2020

PYVNTS Global Payment Events plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of payments.

The worldwide payments evolution, revolution and disruption is truly dizzying as payments companies are reinventing as technology companies.

Online news, newsletters, reports, webinars, podcasts, simulcasts are helpful to be sure, but the real power center remains in the person-to-person peer networking afforded by a real event.

PYVNTS carefully selects events for relevance to the domestic, international and global payments business.

PYVNTS Global Payment Events established areas of focus include ecommerce, mcommerce,
credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, virtual cards, ATMs, kiosks, POS, digital payments, cross-border transactions, EMV, NFC, fraud, factor/device security, cybersecurity, and tokenization/encryption

PYVNTS Global Payment Events emerging areas of focus include fintech, blockchain, biometrics, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, mobile wallets, open banking, alternative payments, P2P IoT, cybercrime and money laundering.



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