Blockchain Expert Featured at Retail Banking Forum

Banca Mediolanum’s Head of Blockchain, Demetrio Migliorati, will speak at the Retail Banking Forum in Vienna, Austria October 9-10. Migliorati is passionately focused on fintech Innovation and blockchain use cases, enabling the creation of brand new series of digital products & services. He loves designing and implementing open Arduino or Raspberry Pi based IOT projects.

The Retail Banking Forum, sponsored partially by Mastercard, draws nearly 200 attendees and offers two dedicated streams or tracks. Approximately 50 companies from more than 20 countries come together at the annual event. This year’s theme is adapting and leading in an Open Banking World.

This year’s event also offers a crossfire debate on whether PSD2 needs to be reformed. Also, a debate on the consumer protection threats and benefits of PSD2.

The two dedicated streams includes:

For Open Banking & Platforms

How is Commerzbank facing the current challenges in Mobile Banking 

Case study: Maximizing the potential of artificial intelligence

 Panel discussion: Exploring the banking innovations in practice Staying relevant in Open Platform

Innovation & customer labs driving agile and collaborative transformation

 Case study: Strategies to make the Bank Programmable

 Panel Discussion: Benchmarking APIs and Open Banking Ecosystem

For Digital Customer and Branches

Case study: Developing Omni-Channel Services and maintaining competitive advantage

Challenger banks panel: Disrupting the status quo of banking 

Case study: Getting in line with Customer Perspectives

Future virtual & physical Branches • Case study: Structuring future Branches for today

Preparing an Omni-Channel Branch Experience

 Panel discussion: Structuring unique customer experience within design thinking

Key Takeaways

How to manage the ongoing change towards an open banking world 

Strategies for sustainable innovation to engage consumers now and in the future

How can data-based strategies strengthen the profitability of services and products? 

What to consider to boost client-centered innovation & how to create innovation units 

Explore solutions for integrating with Fintech and encouraging a culture of innovation 

Understanding the challenges and opportunities of creating a strong brand 

Why you should build platforms now to maintain relevance later 

How can you protect customers of an open banking ecosystem to gain their trust? 

Discovering API innovation and identifying new revenue opportunities 

Why is a digital banking ecosystem critical for banks?  Understanding the value of branch channels in an open world 

Finding the balance between virtual and physical approaches to the customer

More Details on the 17th Annual Retail Banking Forum