Mastercard Brings the A Team to Money 20/20

Mastercard is going all out for the Money 20/20 event bringing out the big guns to help attendees to learn more about how Mastercard is transforming its business by moving beyond cards to drive the digital future forward. Mastercard’s exhibit will feature interactive product demonstrations, including simpler and safer digital solutions that translate across connected devices, business-to-business optimization services, and secure authorization and verification innovations to impact all aspects of consumers’ connected lives.

Mastercard at Money 20/20 will be at Booth #5108 from Sunday, October 27 – Wednesday, October 30.

Here is the rundown of Mastercard experts and thought leaders at the following panels and workshops:


Fireside Chat: Chris Reid, Executive Vice President, Data and Cyber and Intelligence Services

“You are the Weakest Link: Why Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Issue”

Wednesday, 10/30, 10:35 AM PT

Inspiration Peak Stage, The Venetian

Payments & Commerce Innovation

Panel: Stephane Wyper, Senior Vice President, New Commerce Partnerships, North America

“CX is the New Black: Creating Contextual Shopping Journeys”

Monday, 10/28 @ 11:15 AM PT

Commercial Cascade Stage, The Venetian

Panel: Jess Turner, Executive Vice President, Products and Innovation, North America

“Real-Time Payments: Let the Attack Begin”

Monday, 10/28 @ 11:40 AM PT

Commercial Cascade Stage, The Venetian

Panel: Kirsty Rankin, Senior Vice President, Loyalty and Engagement

“The New Loyalty Economy: Reinventing Loyalty Through Digital Payments”

Monday, 10/28 @ 12:10 PM PT

Commercial Cascade Stage, The Venetian

The Human Factor

Workshop: Randall Tucker, Chief Inclusion Officer

“Transformational Leadership: A Proven Profit-Maker”

Sunday, 10/27 @ 1:35 PM PT

Venetian Ballroom G-H, The Venetian

Fireside Chat: Ginger Siegel, North America Small Business Lead

“From Siri to CX: Designing for the Human in Business”

Monday, 10/28 @ 2:05 PM PT

Creators Canyon Stage, The Venetian

Cybersecurity & Fraud

Panel: Matthew Nyman, Director, Security Monitoring and Response

“Building Fusion Centers and Combatting Evolving Threats”

Tuesday, 10/29 @ 12:00 PM PT

Tech Tonic Stage, The Venetian

Regulation & Regtech

Fireside Chat: Caroline Louveaux, Chief Privacy Officer

“The DNA of Privacy & Trust – Built from the Ground-Up”

Tuesday, 10/29 @ 1:45 PM PT

Revolution Rock Stage, The Venetian

Banking & PFM

Panel: Adam Granoff, Senior Vice President, Digital Partnerships

“Employers, Millennials, and Gen Z: Bringing Fintech to the Underserved”

Tuesday, 10/29 @ 2:05 PM PT

Commercial Cascade Stage, The Venetian

Panel: Sherri Haymond, Executive Vice President, Digital Partnerships

“What Women Expect from Fintech”

Tuesday, 10/29 @ 2:30 PM PT

Creators Canyon Stage, The Venetian

Digital Trust

Case Study: Robert Carver, Director, Product Development and Innovation, Cyber and Intelligence Solutions

“Is Your Customer Experience Designed for the Wrong Person?”

Tuesday, 10/29 @ 3:05 PM PT

Tech Tonic Stage, The Venetian