AI Developments Gets Vetted in London

Kathy Liu HSBC
Lucy Lui HSBC

Artificial Intelligence Developments Gets Vetted in London

Artificial Intelligence Developments Gets Vetted in London With To Major Events Slated for March

Artificial intelligence in financial payments will be explored fully in March by the AI In Financial Services event and the AI In Finance Summit event in March. The AI In Financial Services event is scheduled for March 17th at the America Square Conference Centre in London. The AI in Finance Summit is slated for March 31 to April 1 at the etc Venues, also in London.

The Technova AI In Financial Services event will focus on business transformation to robotic automation, customer innovation to ethical transparency, equipping attendees with the skills and expertise to capitalize on the artificial intelligence revolution. 

AI in Financial Services

Among noted speakers is Kathy Liu, Head In Innovation, HSBC Global Operations. Liu will speak about embedding advanced analytics into day-to-day decision making. Other related topics include prioritizing AI investments; ensuring transparency and explainability with AI; and, preparing for the rise of the intelligent virtual assistant.

The Technova conference will also answer the question: From robo-advice to chatbots to voice-activated payments: where next for conversational AI?

Citi Commercial Cards recently deployed an intelligent virtual agent (“IVA”) capability within its call centers in the U.S. by leveraging technology from Interactions. The IVA solution leverages Interactions’ Adaptive Understanding technology.

Other questions to be explored at the AI in Financial Services event include:

Can virtual assistants deliver truly human-like customer interaction?

Proactive rather than reactive: the next frontier of chatbot development?

Fully automated self-service: how close are we to AI-driven contact centres?

Beyond customer service: what are the other areas where virtual assistants can be implemented?

Major sponsors of the AI in Finance include: TIBC and CID.

Among companies attending: accenture, AIG, Deloitte, IBM and HSBC.

AI in Finance 

The AI in Finance summit by RE-WORK will focus on pattern recognition, robo advisors, neural networks, retail finance and compliance. The event will feature about 60 speakers and more than 600 attendees.

Among speakers is Jessica Lennard, Senior Director, Global Strategic Data and AI Initiatives at the Visa Data Sceince Lab. Lennard’s work covers data privacy, AI ethics and related policy, regulation and business development. Her previous roles at Visa include Director of External Affairs for Visa’s Data Science Lab, and Head of UK Regulation and Public Affairs.

She will discuss “Putting the Customer at the Heart of AI in Payments.”

Other discussions include:

Evolution of AI in Finance: The Journey From POC to Deployment

The Importance of Data Science to Hold Off the AI Winter in FS

Developing ML-driven Customer-Facing Product Features

Using Deep Learning with Word Embeddings to improve Customer Satisfaction

Major sponsors of the AI in Finance include: Innodata and FRA. Among companies attending: Visa, HSBC, ING, Google, Lloyds Bank, Samsung and Chase.

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