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Our Approach

Our Vision . . .

PYVNTS notes the payments, banking and financial services industry in general, the business events industry is evolving rapidly with technology far beyond power point presentations and well crafted videos. Unlike “dinosaur” printed newspapers, the in-person gathering of business executives will never be replaced, remaining the core of any event.

Our Story

Our Story . . .

PYVNTS first launched in 2015, and is now being developed and managed by Florida-based Ruebud Media, Inc. Approximately 150 payment events are currently promoted.We offer more than 100 years of collective experience in payments, marketing, and broadcasting to the table.

Meet Our President . . .

While best known amongst payment network & card issuer CEOs, national news reporters, federal legislators, and top attorneys, Robert McKinley, ended his 2009 retirement in 2019, to build Ruebud Media, including the acquisition of PYVNTS. We tracked down some "first time" event mementos from Washington, DC, Atlanta and New York City.

Global Payments Analyst Since 1985 Considered the "Pontiff of Payments" by Wall Street.

Assisting the Payments Industry to Harness the Power of the "New" Internet in 1998

Launched Website w/NYC Exhibit & Press Conference (1995); eCommerce Speaker (1996)

Have We Met Yet? . . . .

Whether a Previous Business Acquaintance or Newly Interested Professional We Sincerely Want to Help Your Payments Event(s) to Prosper by all Measures.

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