PYVNTS Cobalt Promotional Package

PYVNTS Cobalt Promotional Service provides a great mix of placements on payments and technology-related websites and/or social media channels. Ruebud Media (parent of PYVNTS) controls content on more than a dozen websites and approximately two dozen social media channels. The PYVNTS Partner Network produces significant impressions. Broadcasting channels are in development for 2020. The PYVNTS Cobalt Promotional Service R.O.I. easily exceeds the revenue generated by a single attendee by a multiple factor.

PYVNTS Cobalt Promotional Service Details

Guaranteed Topics Summary with Fixed Listing

Guaranteed Image Added to Fixed Listing

Guaranteed Partners Page Logo/Link

Guaranteed (1) News Release Posting on BankCenter

Consideration for Monthly Page Rotating Featured Placement

Consideration for Home Page Rotating Featured Placement

Consideration for Rotating Daily Twitter Posting @pyvnts

Consideration Rotating Twitter Posting @bnkcntr 

Consideration for (1) Facebook Posting @cardbuzznews

Consideration for (1) LinkedIn Posting


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Follow PYVNTS via these Partner/Affiliate Websites and/or Social Media Channels: BankCenterCardFlashCardBuzzCardDataPYRPTSThe RAM ReportsRAM ResearchCardTrak, CardSavvy, and CardTweet.

Monitor Payment Events via PYVNTS Event News.

PYVNTS payment events cover e-commerce, m-commerce, fintech, blockchain, artificial intelligence, biometrics, fraud, privacy, security, cryptocurrency, P2P, EMV, NFC, B2B, digital payments, cross-border payments, IoT, cybercrime, open banking, money laundering, tokenization, processing and payment networks.

Additionally, form/function areas including mobile wallets, credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, prepaid cards, financial cards, terminals and kiosks.

PYVNTS is a division of Ruebud Media, Inc.