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Payment Events Monthly Menu offers the very latest of 150+ scheduled events up to a full-year in advance along with any date, locations and program revisions. Events listed “TBA” are confirmed and updated info is available via PYVNTS Event News.

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Payment events cover artificial intelligence, biometrics, fraud, fintech, blockchain, privacy, e-commerce, security, m-commerce, cryptocurrency, P2P, EMV, NFC, B2B, digital payments, cross-border payments, IoT, cybercrime, open banking, money laundering, tokenization, processing and payment networks. Additionally, form/function areas including mobile wallets, credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, prepaid cards, financial cards, terminals and kiosks.

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PYVNTS President Robert McKinley, a seasoned payments research analyst of 34 years and past chairman, speaker, exhibitor and sponsor of many events, personally vets each event listed for relevance.

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