PYVNTS Partner & Affiliate Network

PYVNTS Partner & Affiliate Network

The PYVNTS Partner & Affiliate Network provides access to online and social media channels focused on banking and payments. The spectrum includes an online press release news service, news digest, payments-related blogs, payments research and consulting services, plus daily multichannel twitter postings.

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PYVNTS Partner & Affiliate Network

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PYVNTS Partner & Affiliate Network

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PYVNTS payment events cover e-commerce, m-commerce, blockchain, fintech artificial intelligence, fraud, biometrics, privacy, security, cryptocurrency, P2P, EMV, NFC, B2B, digital payments, cross-border payments, IoT, cybercrime, open banking, money laundering, tokenization, processing and payment networks. Additionally, form/function areas including mobile wallets, credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, prepaid cards, financial cards, terminals and kiosks.

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PYVNTS President Robert McKinley, a seasoned payments research analyst of 34 years and past chairman, speaker, exhibitor and sponsor of many events, personally vets each event listed for relevance and reliability.

Like the payments, banking and financial services industry in general, the business events industry is evolving rapidly with technology far beyond power point presentations and well crafted videos. Unlike “dinosaur” printed newspapers, the in-person gathering of business executives will never be replaced, remaining the core of any event.

First launched in 2015, PYVNTS is now being developed and managed by Florida-based Ruebud Media, Inc. We bring more than 100 years of collective experience in payments, marketing, and broadcasting to the table.