PYVNTS Privacy & Security

PYVNTS utilizes “strictly necessary cookies” for internal purposes only (as explained herein) and does not accept third-party advertising or targeted marketing from data collection services such as Google Ads. In other words: “What You Do Here, Stays Here.”

PYVNTS does not utilize “functional cookies” or “targeting cookies.” If you click on a non-affiliated link then you will be subject to the Privacy & Security policy of the respective website. However, you can be feel confident most of the external links we may include are to highly compliant companies.

PYVNTS is strongly opposed to “click bait” or highly “commission-driven”commingled content and encourage visitors to report any abuse.

PYVNTS utilizes secured servers for all online activity including email and transactions. Steps have been taken to safeguard the integrity of data and protection of personal information. All personal information is transmitted and protected by encryption technology using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

PYVNTS also utilizes a full-time third-party malware protection and scanning service. If security monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, information pertaining to such activity will be provided to law enforcement officials.

PYVNTS does not store personal information on this website and does not share customer information.

PYVNTS gathers certain generic information about the use of the website such as collecting and analyzing traffic by keeping track of visitor IP addresses via Google Analytics. 

PYVNTS limits the use of this data in aggregate or on a collective basis, in summary form, rather than on an individual basis via Google Analytics.

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PYVNTS Privacy & Security Policy is reviewed weekly and subject to revisions to maintain full compliance policy with local, state or province, national and international rules and regulations.